The time for NextGeneration Healthcare is here!

In the new book, NextGeneration Healthcare, the curtain is pulled back on some of the most powerful concepts, strategies, and solutions your organization can (should) leverage to take back control of the ever-rising costs of healthcare.

Imagine being able to reduce your healthcare budget by 20% to 40% or more in the next 12 months…

Imagine providing a better, more comprehensive experience for your employees so they are happier, healthier, and more productive…

There’s no reason to merely accept premium cost increases year after year from insurance companies who have a vested interest in conflict with yours. Instead, you now have the understanding and tools required to not only push back against the status quo, but actually move beyond it where you have control and incentives are properly aligned amongst your organization, your employees, your NextGen Benefits Adviser, and the healthcare providers.

To achieve these results, change is required, and it is not always easy or fast. However, by engaging the right adviser who understands how to properly manage the Healthcare Value Chain, you’re organization will likely be able to experience meaningful results very quickly.

The authors are NextGen Benefits Advisers, many members of the NextGen Benefits Mastermind Partnership, over 40 employee benefits firms from across the nation that are innovating to challenge the status quo in the employee benefits industry and in healthcare. These NextGeneration Benefits Advisers are in the vanguard of the industry, setting the standard for both quality of the benefits offered employees and the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the benefits plan for employers.